Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

This is an advanced programme designed for senior managers or directors with authority across organisations who aspire to lead by translating strategy into effective performance. The goal of this programme is to give you the tools, knowledge, and critical acumen to develop cutting-edge management strategies, implement them through assembling and leading teams, critically evaluate alternatives and assess results. It is focused on organisations that have cross border or global interests and structures but can also be applied nationally in understanding how to work with a variety of stakeholders, partners, suppliers and competitors. Upon successful completion of the Level 8 Diploma, you will be able to use sophisticated decision tools to think critically and create strategies to address key business issues. It consists of eight units.


Entry Requirements

Level 8 Diploma has been designed to be accessible to all motivated learners. However, you will likely benefit more from the programme if you have a Level 7 qualification or a post-graduate university degree and/or work-related experience at a senior management level.


Qualification Structure

Mandatory Units You must take all eight of the following:


  • Leadership Qualities and Practice

  • Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager

  • Strategy Development in Cross Border and Global Organisations

  • Strategy Development in Cross Border and Global Organisations

  • Strategic Direction in Cross Border and Global Organisations

  • Strategic Communication

  • Culture and its Impact on Strategy


Leadership Qualities and Practice: This unit explores the link between leadership and management at the strategic level. You’ll learn about the latest theories and practice in evaluating leadership styles and their underlying principles and concepts.


Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager: This unit focuses on what is your leadership style? How can you be more effective at leading strategic activity in your organisation? This unit covers strategic skills necessary to work with partners, buyers, suppliers, customers and competitors to successfully lead in an organisation.


Strategy Development in Cross Border and Global Organisations: In this unit you’ll learn how to lead a process for developing effective strategy for global organisations that face unique challenges including political, religious, cultural and social divides.


Strategic Planning for Cross Border and Global Organisations: This unit examines the range of influences and impacts on cross-border or global organisations and how they contribute to successful strategy formulation and the management of risk. You’ll learn how to analyse the planning and implementation of existing inter-organisational strategies and understand the impact of cultural differences on research.


Strategic Direction in Cross Border and Global Organisations : This unit enables you learn how to assess the impact of various factors and influences on strategic direction in cross border and global organisations, including economic factors, roles of relevant partners, policy and political differences.


Strategic Communication: This unit critically assess the impact of media in international organisations, including the parts played by stakeholders, political and pressure groups and media owners.


Culture and its Impact on Strategy: As global organisations uniquely deal with the complexities of culture across borders. You’ll learn how to understand these complexities and formulate strategy based on alternative perspectives within this unit


Research Methods: Big data and its impact on decision-making are critical to understand and evaluate alternative strategies. This course gives you the ability to understand and apply various research methods that can provide realistic and applicable outcomes.

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